Who Cares?

Have you ever felt as though no one love you… no one cared about you? David must have been in the depths of despair when he wrote: “No one cares for my soul”. While earthly friends may sometimes fail to care as they should. We can be sure that someone does care about us. “who […]

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Parenting a rebellious child

Rebellion is something many children go through, it is even natural for children to rebel a little as they grow and try to establish who they are and what they want. However, some children rebel much worse than others and the effects can be detrimental to the family dynamic. Some children are naturally strong willed. […]

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Why does God love us?

Question: “Why does God love us?” Answer: This short question is among the most profound questions ever asked. And no human would ever be able to answer it sufficiently. One thing is certain, however. God does not love us because we are lovable or because we deserve His love. If anything, the opposite is true. […]

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