Bible Text: Psalm. 126: 5 - 6, Genesis 8 :22, Ecc. 3:1-3

Harvest is the result of any labour.

Farmers and those in the field of agriculture describe harvest as a process of gathering the crops or yield of seeds sown.

What are you sowing in your land?

As Christians, it is important that we start sowing good seeds in our lives. Examples of seed a believer should sow include:

  • Seed of Prayers
  • Seed of Tithe
  • Seed of a Godly character.
  • Seed of Diligence – being diligent in your business
  • Seed of Obedience
  • Seed of Righteousness

How do you sow?

A believer should sow bountifully and cheerfully

What we should a child of God not sow?

1) Do not sow worry – Philp 4:6

2) Do not sow doubt –

The nuggets of Sowing and harvesting

  • What you sow, you reap
  • Water and watch your seed with the word of God.
  • Confess the word of God upon your seed.
  • Pray over your seed: there are enemies that contend against our harvest.


Enemies, Polluters and Destroyers of the harvest- Gen. 26:21-24

Agents of Good Harvest

  • The Holy Spirit. Hebrews 1: 2 – 5
  • The Reapers Harvest. Matthew 13:30
  • The Place of Prayers. 1 kings 18:40-42


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